Episode 041 – Consistency

They say consistency is key…well, that’s the topic of our podcast this week. Episode 41 of the Fit Men Movement podcast provides you with some reason why consistency is one of the most important factors in your success. We even offer some tips to help you reach a level of consistency that will allow you […]

Episode 040 – Surround Yourself

In episode 40 of the Fit Men Movement podcast we discuss how important it is to focus on surrounding yourself with the right people. This isn’t just a health and fitness matter, it also applies to your financial well being or professional career. Having the right people around you in these keys areas will provide accountability […]

Episode 038 – Financial Fitness

All of us have made some financial missteps in our lives and while Brendan, Jared or myself don’t consider ourselves to be financial experts, we did want dedicate an episode of the podcast to giving you some insight into how we manage money as business owners and as parents. We mention Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step program […]

Episode – 035 – The Burn!

After a week off, the Fit Men are back and better than ever! In this week’s episode of the podcast, we chat about “The Burn”! There are a couple of ways to interpret this phrase that we discuss throughout the episode; one from an exercise perspective and the other from your own willingness to succeed and […]