Episode 033 – Interview with Corey Peacock

In this episode, we interview Corey Peacock. Corey is certified strength and conditioning coach who works directly with some of the most elite athletes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Corey shares some insight into the hectic pace and schedules of working with MMA athletes as well as the unbelievable performance that he has seen in this field. If you thought MMA was just about throwing punches or flying kicks, this interview will change your thoughts on all of that.

Corey is currently serving as The Head Performance Coach for many of Combat Sports’ (UFC, Bellator, Boxing) great athletes. He has have worked with Vitor Belfort, Rashad Evans, Anthony Johnson, Michael Johnson, Michael Chandler, Chris Algieri, Robin Von Roosmalen, Matt Mitrione to name a few. Most recently he worked as Head Performance coach for MMA’s the Blackzilians and with the Peacock Performance System at Combat Club. Corey is also an Assistant Professor, with a PhD in Exercise Physiology. His research at Nova Southeastern University focuses on Elite Athlete Performance, Sports Nutrition, and Environmental Physiology.

  • Intro
    • Give us some background info on yourself. Who is Corey Peacock?
  • How did you get involved with as a CSCS with MMA?
  • Who are some of the top athletes you’ve had the privilege of working with?
  • How does the book knowledge and experience blend together?
    • How does your extensive knowledge play a role in your career, versus real life experiences?
  • What are the advantages of having professional coaching/training?
  • What does a training schedule look like for an MMA athlete?
    • How would that compare to the average guy just trying to stay healthy and fit – what’s recommended?
  • Training splits – any one more optimal than others?
  • How can we get in touch with you?

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