Episode 048 – Mark Briggs – From SWAT to SWOLE

Mark Briggs started his career as a military police officer and then later went into local law enforcement, where he spent 18 years on the force, 8 of those on the SWAT team! In 2001, Mark was introduced to Beachbody with Power 90; P90X didn’t even exist but he had great success that program. As a founding Team Beachbody coach in 2006, Mark has seen and experienced a lot within the Beachbody community; he’s traveled the globe with Tony Horton in support of the troops and he was a cast member in P90X+, P90X2, P90X3, and 22 Minute Hard Corps. If you haven’t seen Mark’s transformation or heard his story, you’ll definitely want to listen in.

Fit Men Movement Podcast - Mark BriggsConnect with Mark Briggs

  • Mark’s Story
    • How did you start with the Military Police
    • What made you transition into Law enforcement, SWAT?
  • How has the military shaped your daily everyday routine?
  • You toured a number of military bases alongside Tony Horton – what was that like?
  • Behind the scenes of being involved with P90X Plus Workouts, X2, X3, 22 Min Hard Corps?
  • Your bulking/cutting methodology?
    • What kind of training modality and approach to nutrition is needed for either?
  • What is the biggest mistake that you see people making with their health and fitness?
  • What’s your favorite workout from another trainer on BOD?
  • What is your current 1 year plan / 5 year plan?

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