Episode 069 – Joel Freeman – LIIFT4

On this week’s episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast, we host Joel Freeman. You may remember Joel from way back  in episode 24. Well..he’s back and our conversation is focused on the new LIIFT4 program that is set to launch next month. Joel gives us all of the details about his upcoming workout program and I gotta say, it sounds like it going be a killer program and I can’t wait to give it try!

Now, we don’t spend the entire episode on LIIFT4 – we also take a dive into how Joel approaches evaluating progress and why it’s important to take a step back every now and then to assess how happy you are with how things are going in your own life. Joel’s involvement in the Big Brother/Big Sisters organization is also a topic that we discuss and gives you some insight into his character and the impact it has had on him.

It was great to have Joel back on show and I know that you are going to find this episode incredibly valuable!

  • What’s new?
  • LIIFT4
    • Let’s break it down for everyone
      • Explain to HIIT our listeners
      • Described as “Classic Lifting Techniques”
      • “Real Time Workouts” + 4 days a week
      • First 6 weeks vs Final 2 weeks
    • How is Nutrition approached?
      • Was there a test group?
      • How did they do?
    • Summit
      • What’s your schedule? Part of Core De Force Live Training?
      • Where can people find you?
      • What do you during your downtime at Summit?
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
      • Certified Behavior Change Specialist
        • What kind of training goes into this?
      • How have you changed your mindset over the past few years?
      • Who do you turn to for advice during life’s difficult moments?
    • Evaluating your progress/accomplishments
      • Why is this important?
      • Is there a ‘right” way to go about this?
    • Mentoring with Big Brothers / Big Sisters
      • How can others get involved?
      • What do you learn from this experience, what has surprised you?

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We are really looking forward to trying the new LIIFT4 fitness program from Joel!

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