Episode 019 – Expectations and Focus

Taking on new challenges can be both exciting and daunting, so having the right mindset as you get started is super-important and will allow you to stay focused as you encounter obstacles. What’s the right way to do that? It’s all about setting expectations and maintaining focus and that’s the topic for episode 19 of […]


Episode 017 – Interview with Wayne Wyatt

In this episode, we sit down with our Mentor and Coach – Wayne Wyatt. In his personal life, he’s a successful orthodontist, a devoted christian, thoughtful husband and father to his 6 children.  In the Beachbody world, he’s a powerhouse.  Wayne is a 2x Top Beachbody Coach, has built one of the biggest coaching teams […]

Episode 016 – Time Management

In today’s Fit Men Movement podcast, we’re talking about Time Management. And while this may seem like a dry topic at first, you’ll find that we include a ton of great information about how to most effectively schedule your day around your priorities and goals, how to minimize distractions, learn to say no, develop systems […]

Episode 015 – Personal Development

Episode 15 we will be discussing personal development. Why it is important, where do we get it from and how it can help you on a day in, day out basis to achieve your goals. Why is personal development important? What forms do personal development come in? What is our routine for getting PD time? […]

Episode 014 – Keys To Fat Loss

In this episode we’ll be discussing the keys to fat loss and some of the specific things that you can focus on to ensure you are continually progressing towards your weight loss goals. Caloric Deficit Energy Balance – Your Key to Fat Loss – http://www.yourfitnesspath.com/energy-balance-key-fat-loss Adequate Protein Roughly 1 gram per pound of body weight. […]

Episode 010 – Q&A

Q & A This week’s episode is pretty simple – questions and answers! We have gotten several great questions from our audience, everything from cricket protein and carb cycling to pre-workout and boosting your metabolism and we wanted to use a full episode to get you some answers. You’re in for a treat with podcast #10 […]