Episode – 035 – The Burn!

After a week off, the Fit Men are back and better than ever! In this week’s episode of the podcast, we chat about “The Burn”! There are a couple of ways to interpret this phrase that we discuss throughout the episode; one from an exercise perspective and the other from your own willingness to succeed and […]

Episode 030 – Interview with Ian Dunican on Recovery & Performance Optimization

Ian Dunican – Recovery & Performance Optimization Irish Army Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, trail running and ultra marathons Phd student @ University of Western Australia – Sleep and Performance in Elite Athlete Tell us about yourself How do you measure sleep? Are there differing levels of sleep? Are there optimal amounts at each level? Light sleep, Deep […]

Episode 028 – Goals for 2017

Review last week’s episode with TH Reflect on our recent Super Saturday experiences Jared – Sagi Brendan – Joel & Amy Silverman Short term vs. long term Good vs bad A.I.M. S.M.A.R.T. goals Health/Fitness More sleep/recovery time Spartan Race More adventurous Family Family vacation Spouse get-away / quarter Business Nutrition Coaching Summit – New Orleans Work more closely […]