Episode 033 – Interview with Corey Peacock

In this episode, we interview Corey Peacock. Corey is certified strength and conditioning coach who works directly with some of the most elite athletes in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Corey shares some insight into the hectic pace and schedules of working with MMA athletes as well as the unbelievable performance that he has seen in […]

Episode 032 – Frustration and Worries

Frustration and Worries – While this episode doesn’t necessarily have a focus on fitness, the men and I do discuss how the level of frustration that you carry around with you and the things that you worry about the most often can impact you from a fitness perspective. We had a great chat on this […]

Episode 031 – Interview with Doug Fitzgerald

Doug Fitzgerald is a Founding Team Beachbody Coach and has been associated with Beachbody since 2001. He was a 2007 $10,000 Transformation Winner. Because Doug is a product of the product, he was featured on several Power 90 and P90X infomercials, along with “live” appearances with Tony Horton on QVC. He is a 9-Star Diamond […]

Episode 030 – Interview with Ian Dunican on Recovery & Performance Optimization

Ian Dunican – Recovery & Performance Optimization Irish Army Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, trail running and ultra marathons Phd student @ University of Western Australia – Sleep and Performance in Elite Athlete Tell us about yourself How do you measure sleep? Are there differing levels of sleep? Are there optimal amounts at each level? Light sleep, Deep […]

Episode 028 – Goals for 2017

Review last week’s episode with TH Reflect on our recent Super Saturday experiences Jared – Sagi Brendan – Joel & Amy Silverman Short term vs. long term Good vs bad A.I.M. S.M.A.R.T. goals Health/Fitness More sleep/recovery time Spartan Race More adventurous Family Family vacation Spouse get-away / quarter Business Nutrition Coaching Summit – New Orleans Work more closely […]

Fit Men Movement Podcast – Tony Horton

Episode 027 – Interview with Tony Horton

In this episode, we have the incredible honor of interview one of the most recognized trainers in all of Beachbody – Tony Horton! It’s not too often you get to interview an individual who, unbeknownst to them, has had a profound impact on your life. Jared, Brendan and myself were afforded such an opportunity this week as […]

Episode 026 – Struggles and Excuses

In this episode, the men and I talk about some of the common struggles that many of you face from a health and fitness perspective and offer some solutions for you to consider. We also address some of the excuses that we’ve heard in coaching others. While several of the struggles and excuses that we discuss come […]