Episode 109 – A Competition Mindset – Inside the brain of Dr. Luke Hobson

Last time we spoke with Luke, he was well into his fitness journey and setting big goals for himself. But since that time, Luke has climbed the ranks to the world of M.I.T, gotten married, and competed in his first ever physique competition. In this episode, we chat about the fast and furious nature of the past couple of years and spend some time on what lead to his decision to enter a physique competition; all the way up to the moment he walked across the stage.

Episode 109 - A Competition Mindset. Inside the brain of Dr. Luke Hobson

  • Catch us up on the last few years
    • Career
    • Family
    • Fitness
  • All Things Competition
    • What brought on the idea
      • Stereotypical thoughts about bodybuilders before you started.
    • What is the first thing you did
    • What did you learn early on in the process
    • Roadblocks
    • What role did Karissa play in it
    • Days leading up to the competition
    • Showtime! What was the day like
  • What’s next for you in relation to health and fitness
    • Coaching
    • Podcast
    • Training plans
    • Own personal goals
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