Episode 110 – All Things 10 Rounds with Joel Freeman

Joel Freeman, maybe a few years back some of you didn’t recognize that name right off the bat.
Well 25 million views of LIIFT4 later,  I’m pretty sure he has become one of the pillars of the home Fitness realm.

Today Matt sits down with Joel to discuss his next big program, 10 Rounds on the BOD Network. A Boxing inspired knockout combo combined with calorie scorching resistance training in a first of its kind program that took the show on the road and filmed all over America in a Rock Band style tour bus.

So what better way to get the low down on what is about to hit us straight in the nose? Sit down one-one with the man himself while also reflecting on his rise through Beachbody over the past 8 years.

  • Catch us up on the last 2 years since we last spoke
    • LIIFT4 25 Million Views
    • Role as the new “face” of Beachbody
  • All Things 10 Rounds
    • What brought on the idea
    • Who / What / Where / When
    • Tour bus across America
    • the “Visual” impact of filming in multiple cities
    • Do’s / Dont’s

For more info on 10 Rounds with Joel Freeman and how you can access the program, you can visit all of the below social media profiles or reach out to us directly!


Matt@FitMenMovement.com or @MRBfitness47


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