Episode 113 – “Building a Brand ” Mike Barbour

Building a Brand. Mike Barbour takes us through the mindset and process of building a brand in the Health and Fitness arena.

Mike has made his mark on some big names across the country,  which include; Rivalus, Daiily by Freshii, Goodstuff Brand, Outcast Foods, and a Farm to Table restaurant named Harvest opening in July 2020 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

He walks us through what it is like to continually start from scratch on new projects and the challenges that can bring.
Work ethic is something Mike prides himself on, but he elaborates on how we need to work smarter and not just longer to ensure we can see continual growth.


Tell us about yourself:

i. Who, What, Where, leading to this stage.
ii. Personal Mindset + Culture  – starting over with a new brand every few years.
iii. Past brands experiences ( Rivalus, Daiily by Freshii, Good Stuff, Outcast Foods)

Building A Brand:

i. Where do you begin ?  Time lines, branding, innovation, product to shelf.
ii. Difference between marketing a brand to a big city vs Maritime city
iii. Mistakes, Challenges, Mentors
iv. What are some things people would never think of when it comes to a brand.

All things Harvest:

i. What is the mission
ii. How is it different
ii. Cold Pressed Juice business



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