Episode 112 – “Upcycled Nutrition” TwoVegansMission

Doing our part. Why should we worry about what we don’t see when it comes to the products we use?

Episode 112 explores the world of  Sustainable Nutrition on the supplement level with the founders of the TWO VEGANS MISSION.  Co-Founders Dr. Darren Burke and TJ Galiardi give us the low down on “Upcycling” and how it is a game changer for the supplement industry.

Making products from rejected fruits and vegetables that once ended up in landfills mostly due to cosmetic purposes.
Dr. Burke and TJ have provided a product that will not only meet your nutritional needs, but also make your decision about what brands you choose and why a bit more interesting.


Tell us about yourselves:

   i. Life before the TwoVegansMission Launch

    ii. Why and How you two connected

    iii.  Dr. Burke :  How your work in the Supplement industry evolved to this stage

    iv:  TJ : Pro-sport angle of supplementation and nutrition at various levels ( Jr, AHL, NHL, KHL )

About The Brand

        i. What is The TWO VEGANS MISSION 

        ii. How is it different  ?

        iii. “Upcycling” Process

         iv. Challenges along the way, impact of COVID-19 on the business

To connect with Dr. Burke, TJ and the TwoVegans brand , visit their website and Instagram pages.


And as always, you can reach out to us directly for any questions your may have:

Matt@FitMenMovement.com or @MRBfitness47

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