Episode 008 – Cheat Meals & $1 Million Health Bet

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Cheat Meals

$1 Million Health Bet

  • What is it?
  • How to Participate
    • Requirements
    • Qualification 1
      Must be a participant in an active Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker app by 11:59pm PT on September 5th 2016.
      – If a Customer is unable to join a Coach-led Challenge Group, they may request to join a Beachbody Corporate Group. The link to request access will be added to the FAQ on 8/15. Customers must request access by Sept. 4th and join by Sept 5th, 2016 to be eligible for the promotion.
      – Participants must have a valid First and Last Name, email address, and shipping address associated with their TBB Account by October 2nd, 2016 in order to be paid out.
    • Qualification 2
      Log a minimum of five (5) Shakeology’s, each accompanied by a Shakeology photo, during each qualification week.
      – To be eligible, each log must be accompanied by a Shakeology photo.
      – All Shakeology’s must be logged by 11:59pm PT on the last day of each contest week (9/11, 9/18, 9/25 & 10/2).
    • Qualification 3
      Log a minimum of three (3) Beachbody workouts during each qualification week.
      – All Workouts must be logged by 11:59pm PT on the last day of each contest week (9/11, 9/18, 9/25 & 10/2).
    • Challenge Tracker App
    • Shakeology
  • Workout
  • Current Promotions

Get Started with Brendan

Health Bet Sign-Up

Get Started with Jared

Get Started with Chris

Health Bet Sign-Up

Question of the week

REST DAYS… how many should you take in general versus training for a competition?


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