Episode 010 – Q&A

Q & A

This week’s episode is pretty simple – questions and answers!

We have gotten several great questions from our audience, everything from cricket protein and carb cycling to pre-workout and boosting your metabolism and we wanted to use a full episode to get you some answers. You’re in for a treat with podcast #10 on the Fit Men Movement.

Nicole – Thoughts on cricket protein?

Jeremy – True or false doing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning gets better results?

Karen – What can you have instead of a protein shake for a pre workout when u workout first time in the morning?

Demetric – What are some effective ways to boost your metabolism?

MarinaHow much cardio and how much weight training should a person have?

Brian – What’s the best way to get up in the morning when I’m sleepy? I don’t feel motivated to do so

Chris – Best carb to eat before before a workout for energy?

Ilyssa – Can you explain more about carb cycling? My trainer wants me to try it out for the next few weeks. I’ve been trying to research myself but I find it hard trying to pre-plan diaries with such low carbs. I’ve never gone that low.

Ryan – what is a good age to start kids to work out

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