Episode 012 – Nutrition Tips & Tricks | How to Meal Prep | How to Track

In episode 12 of the Fit Men Movement Podcast, we’re going to be talking about nutrition. You’ll get some perspective on how each of us approach nutrition and you’ll also learn some of our best tips to help keeping yourself on track. Towards the end we will be inviting you to join us in something special we have planned for October.

  • Lead – Recap Lance – take aways implemented
  • Jared
    • Power breakfast – quinoa, berries, maple syrup, pecans, coconut milk
    • Washing and chopping all veggies when you get home from grocery store
    • Meal planning with spouse – added support, both on same team
    • Save money by buying in bulk. Costco, etc.
    • Water first thing in morning.
  • Brendan
    • Insanity finished, going into Asylum
    • Daily tracking (365 MFP)
    • Consistent/duplicative meals
    • Much more detailed tracking over the next 9 months
  • Chris
    • Robotic on meals
    • Tonight’s dinner is tomorrow’s lunch.
    • Family meals
    • Plan ahead – large meals, get togethers, restaurants
  • October Bulking plans

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Question of the week

Should I Bulk or Cut?


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