Episode 021 – Interview with Joe Carabase


In this episode, we’re excited to interview recent Beachbody The 20s candidate Joe Carabase. 

  • Intro – Who you are, where you live.
  • Behind the scenes of The 20’s.
  • Hobbies, interests, sports, fav sports teams, etc.  Guy stuff.
  • Your story – how you got started, results, where you are now
  • Who were your main influencers in your journey?
  • What is your current fitness/nutrition routine?  
  • What have you found has given you the best results?
  • Tell us about 20s experience.
  • What are some key areas for someone to focus to be successful in getting their desired results (both fitness and business)?
  • What are your main objectives in your business, fitness and personal life right now?

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