Episode 049 – Jimmy Smith – Strength and Conditioning Specialist

In Episode 49 of the Fit Men Movement Podcast, we sit down with strength and conditioning specialist, Jimmy Smith. We cover a lot of ground over the course of an hour; training, nutrition, and supplements are all topics that we hit. We think that you’ll find a ton of value in this conversation and Jimmy’s enthusiasm for the topics are evident and he provides several takeaways that you can start to implement right away.

Jimmy has successfully motivated and transformed a clientele that includes NHL hockey players, golf pros, soccer players, mixed martial artists, physique competitors, models, busy executives, and dedicated fitness enthusiasts. Jimmy is the founder and president of Jimmy Smith Training, a training-and-nutrition consulting business in Stamford, Connecticut.

Fit Men Movement Podcast - Episode 049 - Jimmy Smith

  • Tell us about yourself, background, credentials, etc…
  • Training
    • What are the demographics of your clients?
    • How do you work with them – online or in person?
    • How is training professional athletes different than non-professionals?
    • Do you have an ideal training protocol for a newbie or someone just getting started?
    • Training frequency – what’s the best to ensure we are aren’t overtraining and still getting the results we are after?
  • Nutrition
    • What are some of the struggles that you see most commonly with the people that you work with?
    • What “nutrition myths” do you encounter on a regular basis?
    • With all of the different “diets” out there – how does someone choose?
  • Supplements
    • How did you start your supplement company (Physique Formula)?
    • Which are most effective/beneficial?
    • Which aren’t worth the money?
    • Is there a way to spot (reviewing label) a bad supplement vs. a good one?
  • Tell us about your podcast?

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