Episode 053 – Safety and Modification

In this episode we’re going to talk about safety and modification. What kinds of things to consider before you start a workout program as well as some tips to help keep you safe while exercising and avoid injury. We also get into the topic of modification and how that can be incredibly beneficial to those who are just starting out, but also applicable to those of use who are working through an injury. Towards the end of the episode, we’ll share our own personal experiences of where modifications became a necessity for each of us. Friendly reminder here; please consult with you doctor before beginning any exercise program or if you experience any prolonged pain or discomfort as a result of your workout. 

  • Before you start:
    • Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?
    • Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity?
    • In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not doing physical activity?
    • Do you lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness?
    • Do you have a bone or joint problem (for example, back, knee, or hip) that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity?
    • Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs (for example, water pills) for your blood pressure or heart condition?
    • Do you know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity?
  • Why Modification Might be Necessary
    • Modification Doesn’t Mean Stop Training
    • Injuries
    • Physical Abilities
    • Pregnancy
    • Age
    • Need for change
      1. Boredom
      2. Slowed results/progress
  • How to Modify
    • Reduce Impact
    • Reduce the Range of Motion
    • Increase Stability
    • Reduce Speed
    • Reduce Time or Number of Reps
    • Reduce Load/Weight
    • Lower Intensity
  • Resources
  • Personal stories –
    • Jared
      • Tendonitis in wrists and left elbow (modification: alter push ups and lower weights for tri ext)
      • Twist in shoulder (lower weight, higher rep for compound exercises)
    • Chris
      • Shoulder injury
    • Brendan
      • Pull ups using a stool.
      • Push ups on my knees

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