Episode 061 – Interview with Lauren Lobley – The Accidental Paleo

Lauren Lobley is our guest this week and she recently authored a cookbook titled, The Accidental Paleo. She is also a recipe developer, blogger at Delectable You, health coach, writer, mother, and wife to Ted McDonald, whom we had on the podcast as well. Lauren comes on the show and not only discusses her new book, but she also shares some of the benefits that she has seen transitioning to a Paleo diet, going as gluten free and adopting vegetarianism.

Lauren Lobley

  • Tell us about yourself
    • Lululemon Store Manager
    • Certified Holistic Health Counselor
    • Used to Be a Sugar Addict and Pastry Chef
  • Define Paleo and Vegetarianism
    • How do the two match up?
  • The Accidental Paleo
    • What led to the writing of this book?
    • Did you work with anyone to put together this book?
    • What’s your favorite recipe?
      • What is one that everyone should try?
  • What’s your thoughts on raising your children on such a healthy based lifestyle?
    • What are some of the benefits / challenges?
    • How do you juggle the hectic schedules between yourself and Ted?
  • What kind of workouts do you most enjoy?
    • Are you as much of a yoga-nut as Ted?
    • What kind of workouts do you recommend for someone on a Paleo nutrition plan?
    • Travel – many Yoga and health retreats.  Where? What’s next?
  • How can our listeners connect?
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