Episode 064 – Interview with Olympic Bronze Medalist, Mark De Jonge

In this episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast, we are joined by Mark de Jonge. Mark De Jonge has served on the Canadian Olympian team multiple times competing in sprint kayaking. Specializing in the 200 meter event, De Jonge won a bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and is a 2 time world champion. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Mark now resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, hometown to my co-host Matt.  Mark is an engineer by trade and you’ll hear how he has been able to leverage his engineering background to excel in his sport and his training techniques.


  • Tell us about yourself
    • Nutrition/Supplements
    • Dealing Injuries and Ups/Downs ( 80 lbs dumbbell on hand )
  • How did you get into Canoe/Kayak
    • difference between the 2
  • Olympic Career
    • Missing out in 04 and 08 in longer event, came back when 200m was introduced
    • Winning Olympic Medal (Bronze)
    • Drug Testing
  • Engineer Career
    • How do you leverage your engineering background with your sport?
    • Is creating own variations of equipment?  Design own paddle
    • Olympic standards to comply with?
  • Training
      • Typical Training week
      • What kinds of training protocol do you follow? ( where? Miami?)
        • Do you design your or do you have a coach?
          • Do you have a coach? (Olympic Team or Personal)
      • Applying Engineering to training. Example?
        • Overthink things? Sharing of info?

Got a question for Mark or want to reach out to him? Here’s how:

Keep your eye on Mark as he trains for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!

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