Episode 068 – Darren Natoni – Eat. Train. Love.

Darren Natoni joins us in this episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast and we discuss his unusual journey from being a DJ to an agent for the DEA and now a health and fitness coach and entrepreneur. The range of topics covered in this episode are vast, but we spend a fair amount of time discussing Darren’s involvement with the Insanity Live platform and his approach to nutrition.

Episode 068 - Darren Natoni - Eat. Train. Love.

Darren is also husband to a former guest of the show, Danielle Natoni, who we had on the podcast back in January and we chat about the chemistry that these have built over the years and what it takes to maintain a strong relationship between this powerful, fit couple. Be sure to check out Darren’s Instagram account for more on that. I think you are really going to enjoy this conversation with Darren, it’s authentic, honest and full of actionable information.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself?
  • Insanity Live
    • How involved were/are you in the Beachbody Live project/program?
    • Do you lead classes currently?
  • What does your nutrition on a daily basis look like; do you follow a specific protocol?
    • Do you and Danielle share the same nutrition path? Do you have different opinions on what path to follow?
    • It Starts With Food” – Dallas Hartwig, Melissa Hartwig
  • Is it true that you haven’t lifted weights in 5+ years?
    • What does a typical body weight workout include?
  • What exactly is Body Chemistry?
    • Your social Media is very direct and doesn’t follow the stereotypical “love” for everything health and fitness.
    • What drives you crazy about social media in the fitness world?
  • You and Danielle seem to have a “story book” relationship – is it really?
    • How can other couples learn from what you two have created?
  • Were you really a DJ?
    • Favorite artist? – DJ AM, Diplo
  • Knowledge project – naval
  • What is on the horizon for you?

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An awesome conversation – thanks again Darren!

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