Episode 070 – Fit Men Movement – Member Spotlight – Madison Giammaria

In this episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast, we are featuring one of our own members, Madison Giammaria. I’ve (Chris) have known Madison for several years and we have gone through several iterations of ups and downs together in our fitness journeys. Even though we’ve been friends for 6+ years, there were several things about Madison in his story which were previously unknown to me and likely many others. You will hear through our conversation with Madison that it doesn’t take a lot of radical changes in your life to begin to see progress.

Episode 070 – Fit Men Movement – Member Spotlight – Madison Giammaria

  • Tell us about yourself – who you are, what you do for a living, etc…
  • What is your fitness story?
    • Where are you now compared to 6 months/1 year ago?
  • What has been one of your biggest challenges along the way?
    • What role has anxiety played in your day to day health?
  • How did you get started with the Fit Men Movement?
  • What has it meant to you being a member of the Facebook group?
    • Family, Education, Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability?
    • Would you recommend the Fit Men Movement to others?
  • What are your immediate and long terms goals?
    • Spartan races
    • Precision Nutrition

Got a question for Madison or want to reach out to him? Here’s how:

Great chatting with you man!

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