Episode 075 – Empower. Love. Inspire. with Chris Downing

Chris Downing is known to most of our listeners through his revolutionary ramp up, progressive workout program which launched last year know as SHIFT SHOP. Chris is one of the most motivational and passionate individuals in the industry and you’ll hear this come through in our conversation with him. He has an amazing way of connecting with people and getting them to push themselves to that next level. 

As we learned at this year’s Beachbody Summit; we will be able to jump back into a routine with Chris this fall as SHIFT SHOP – Proving Grounds makes its way to the Beachbody community. Chris gives us the breakdown of what is new with Proving Grounds and how one small tweak to the original program will be a bit of a game changer.

Check out a Proving Grounds sneak peek here ==> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2Mg4pGL4Ws

The incredible life story that Chris shares with us in this episode really demonstrates his mantra to Empower, Love and Inspire people everyday and we are grateful to have him join us on the podcast.

Episode 075 – Chris Downing

  • Tell us a bit about yourself
    • Family Background
    • High School/College Sports
    • Influence of your uncle and his “Dream”
  • How did you transition his dream into an actual start in the fitness industry
    • D24 Fitness Complexes
    • Carl finding your workout videos on youtube
    • What Beachbody means to you
      • Recent Summit Experience in Indianapolis
    • Recap of original SHIFT SHOP concept and what to Expect with PROVING GROUNDS
      • Four new workouts
      • Chance to “prove” yourself and importance of staying competitive
      • Putting yourself through the program?
  • “Empower, Love, Inspire”  how do these 3 relate to your day to day story
    • You have an unmatched ability of connecting with and motivating people, who in your life and also the fitness industry helps push you everyday
    • Importance of a healthy mind along with a healthy body
  • Outside of Fitness
    • Film Industry/projects?
    • Future plans for 2019 and forward
  • How Can Our Listeners Connect

Connect with Chris Downing

Got a question for Chris or want to reach out to him? Here’s how.

Keep your eyes open for Shift Shop – Proving Grounds later this fall!

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