Episode 076 – Tracking Your Transformation

We have all heard it before, “You need to track your progress”. To some of this, this is part of our daily routines already. But how do we know what to track? How do we track it? How do we take that information, analyze it and turn it into tangible data. Today we will explore different areas of your day to day lives that are worth tracking, what devices, websites and forms you can use to track this information and what we have learned over the years.

Episode 076 – Tracking Your Transformation

All starts with your goals and what level you are currently at.

  • Body tracking
    • What to measure?
    • Determine your baseline numbers
    • Weight, chest, arms, waist, hips, thighs etc.
      (All based on your goals)
    • Photos
  • Fitness Tracking:
    • Weight selection, Reps
    • How did it feel at end? Form? More/Less next Time
    • HR Zones
    • RPE (Rate of perceived exertion)
      Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale
  • Devices and Apps
    • Fitbit, Smart Watches
    • Basic as just tracking steps
    • Our experiences with devices?
    • Tracking Sheets
    • Whiteboard
  • Food Tracking
    • Daily Caloric goal vs Broader Range ( IE Alcoholic drinks per week/month)
    • MFP  (alternatives?)   / Food Journal
    • Macros
    • Better understanding of what foods you are eating.
  • Mindset Tracking
    • Pre and post workout mood, Impact it has on the rest of your day
    • How you reacted to certain situations
    • (stress, fight, good news)
    • Financial side of fitness (supplements, equipment, membership)
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Links & Resources
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