Episode 077 – Myth Bustin’

The internet is full of mis-information or information that is delivered with good intention, but is simply wrong. In this episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast, Matt and I going to debunk a few of the most common fitness myths that we get questions from the folks we work with. Everywhere you turn there’s another headline about how to lose weight and shave off fat. Many of these eye-catching headlines are myths, plain and simple. And if you’re not careful, they can suck you in and spit you out, without helping you lose any weight at all.

Hopefully the topics that we touch on in this episode will help you in reaching your health and fitness goals in the most effective manner possible.

  • Cardio = weight loss
    • HIIT vs LISS – low intensity steady state
    • Energy balance
  • I can “out work” bad nutrition
    • poor nutrition = poor workouts = delayed/slow progress.
  • Women get bulky from strength training
    • Men have a hard time adding muscle.
    • Strength training requires more energy = promotes fat loss
  • Spot Toning.
    • Layers – like an onion 😉
    • Again…energy balance
  • Sit-ups for dayz = 6-pack
    • Guys carry most visceral fat around stomach, women legs & glutes
  • Not feeling sore means you didn’t get a good workout
    • Being sore doesn’t mean it was a great workout it just means that a significant amount of stress was applied to the worked muscle group that your body was not use to.
    • Recovery – nutrition / sleep / hydration / stretching
    • “No Pain No Gain”  Never confuse muscle soreness with Pain
  • Yoga isn’t a “real” workout
    • Some people look at Yoga as a simple series of stretches or only for those who want to “zone” out
    • There are dozens of kinds of yoga that challenge endurance, flexibility, range of motion, targeting muscles your normally wouldn’t hit in regular training.
    • Don’t confuse low calorie burn with it being a poor workout
  • If you take a long break, your muscle will turn to fat?
    • Muscle is created by exposing your body to things that make it think it needs to grow or it will no longer work. When you stop training, you change the environment for your muscle. The need for them to hang around and be ready for battle will decrease. Why keep something you don’t need? Without constant tension, your muscle mass will waste away  and you’ll burn fewer calories.
    • Muscle doesn’t literally turn into fat, but with a slower metabolic rate, you’ll accumulate more fat as your muscle size shrinks.
    • https://www.yourfitnesspath.com/what-makes-muscles-grow

What myths are out there waiting to trick you?

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