Episode 078 – Work / Life / Fitness Balance

Finding balance between Work, Fitness, Family, Life as well as the unexpected can be one of the more challenging parts of the day which can cause a lot stress and anxiety in us.
Most of us spend more time worrying about our time then actually taking action on any of the things you want to accomplish. In this episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast, we are going to try and help you find that balance by giving you some strategies that we have found successful and discuss ways for you to implement them. This isn’t “one size fits all” concept, everyone must find their own way to balance everything that life throws at them.

Episode 78 - Work / Life / Fitness Balance

Planning For Balance

  • Planning ahead.
    Make time for the things you need to do, but also WANT to do.
  • Tony Horton quote that I apply to everything “ You can only Wing-it for so long, eventually you need a plan”
  • How many times have you said to someone “ We should catch up, we should do dinner etc”  but never actually plan it?

Real Life Scenario:

  • Take 1 thing you want to do next year that will require planning.  

    Example for me: Booking the Beachbody Summit next year 10-12 months out.( Family, work, fitness responsibilities ).
    Spin Off :
    Fitness: Keeps me motivated to keep with my routine, keep moving my business forward which keeps me healthier.
    Family: It will remind me that because I am taking time for myself I should encourage and support Laura to try and plan something that she wants to do based on her interests.
    So easy to just rely on routine, that breaking it up every now and then is good for everyone.
    Work: Workaholic ( self inflicted ) .. Allow me that break I need to recharge from the daily grind which is required to stay motivated, positive and fresh for my company.


  • What is required for your job? Commute, hours, breaks. Analyze it( social media post example)
  • How can you find 30 more minutes
  • Multi task without sacrificing quality.


  • Chris- balancing time between big family?
  • Including them in other activities like fitness
  • Don’t put family last on priority list


  • Program to fit your lifestyle and time restraints.
  • Matt approach with challengers on program/time
  • Gym vs Home workout?

“you” time / guilty downtime pleasure

  • What types of things do you enjoy doing when no requirements are on your plate that people may not expect?  TV, sports, hobbies, etc

We would love to hear how you manage the balance in your life – reach out to us!

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