Episode 079 – Fit Men Movement – Member Spotlight – Vivek Chawla

We’ve got another Fit Men Movement Member Spotlight episode to bring you. This week it’s; Vivek Chawla. Vivek has a number of unique and interesting aspects to his life and fitness story. He has been able to essentially start with nothing and work his way into owning his own personal training business that he runs out of his garage. Vivek shares how he has been able to take advantage little opportunities that have come his way and make the most of them.

  • Tell a bit about yourself?
    • Your professional career
    • Your Beachbody journey
    • Martial Arts
    • Indian culture
  • How & why did you get into personal training?
    • How do you leverage Beachbody programs?
    • Who do you primarily work with (client demographic)?
  • SoldierFit
    • How did you get involved?
    • What kind of training is offered?
  • Father/Son bond
  • Hobbies/Interests
    • Movies
  • What is on the horizon for you?

Got a question for Vivek or want to reach out to him? Here’s how:

Great chatting with you man!

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