Episode 080 – Overcoming Obstacles

Let’s face it, obstacles are a part of everyday life. Some we need to battle ourselves and some we need to seek guidance on how to overcome them. In this episode we will explore several obstacles that you may currently find yourself behind and how you can go about approaching them, overcoming them and even ways to avoid them. We will expand this topic further than just fitness, exploring how it all ties back to our mental and physical health.

Episode 080 – Overcoming Obstacles

  • Reality vs Conceptional
    • Reality: The obstacle exist in real life
    • Physical limitation, Time, Space, Financial etc
  • Conceptional: The obstacle exists only in our mind.
    • We believe it no matter how many ways people try and prove to us otherwise.
  • Family   
    • Relationships
      • Ruts, Lack of Creativity, impact on mood
    • Different Priorities
      • One into health and fitness one not
    • Careers
      • Financial impact, stress of breadwinner
    • Kids
  • Fitness
    • Time
      • Value of time spent
      • Having a coach
    • Space
    • Equipment
      • Bands, Door Pull-up Bar, Used Equipment, Modify moves
    • Being a Modifier
  • Mindset
    • Modifier again
      • Not looking at it as inferior workout
      • Daniel Natoni / Shaun T Modifier story
    • Community of people around you
      • Awareness to make a change
      • Physical ways to help mindset?
  • Financial
    • Deep Dive into finances to decrease spending
    • Necessity / Want

What obstacles have you had to overcome? Reach out to us and share your story!

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