Episode 083 – Taking Flight with Twin Engine Coffee Co.

Colin Ganley and his wife Andrea sit down with us and talk all about coffee! Their business, Twin Engine Coffee Company, has an incredible story behind it and you can tell by hearing the two of them share it, they are really passionate about the work they are doing. Those of us who enjoy coffee, don’t fully appreciate all of hard work and processes that can go into bringing you a hot cup of joe, but I think that you’ll gain a little of that after hearing Colin and Andrea.

This episode is a bit of a diversion from those that we have brought you in the past, but Matt and I wanted to mix things up a little bit and why not do so with a topic that impacts a lot of us on a daily basis.

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Episode 083 – Taking Flight with Twin Engine Coffee Co.

  • Tell us about yourselves
  • What lead to the formation of Twin Engine Coffee
    • Story behind the name?
    • Choice of location, forming the team, ups and downs?
    • Competitive Market
    • Explaining Process from Planting to Packaging
    • Connection with Cigars
  • Why Nicaragua ?
    • Impact Coffee Industry has on Economy
    • Connection with the region and how you give back
    • Climate, Soils, Altitudes
    • Why Coffees from different regions taste different
    • Various Roasts you offer and how they differ
  • Coffee Do’s and Do not’s
  • What’s next for the two of you and  Twin Engine Coffee?
    • Podcast
    • Expansion
    • Interests/hobbies outside of Coffee
    • Discount code for our listeners – Use the code: FITMEN – 10% discount + free shipping!

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Who’s ready for a cup of coffee?

Thanks for such an insightful look into the coffee industry Colin and Andrea!

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