Episode 084 – Beachbody Cast Veteran – Bobby Stephenson

A unique aspect of working out with Beachbody programs is how you can acquire a connection with a particular trainer and anticipate the next workout or program from that trainer.

However, in some cases, you can also make a similar connection to a member of the cast who workout alongside the trainer. For Matt and I (and many others…), that was the case with our guest in this episode of the Fit Men Movement Podcast.

Bobby Stephenson joins us for an awesome conversation where he shares with us some of the aspects of the programs that he has been involved with that you won’t hear anywhere else as well as the life-long friendship he established with Tony Horton.

Episode 084 – Beachbody Cast Veteran - Bobby Stephenson

  • Tell us a bit about your story leading up to the Beachbody days.
    • Where you grew up
    • influencers on your life growing up
    • sports background?
    • Where you thought you were headed for a career
    • Current family situation
  • The Beachbody Years
    • How did that connection start?
    • How many programs have you been in
    • Favorite Program you were apart of
    • When did you realize the Brand was about to be a powerhouse in the industry
    • Your Relationship with Tony and other members of your close team.
  • Your Fitness style
    • What type of training do you enjoy?
    • How has it changed over the years
    • If you could go back and tell yourself one thing what would it be
    • Do you follow any particular nutrition principles
  • Mental Health
    • Becoming more mainstream for men to talk about their feelings and mental well being.
    • Was this something you battled with over the years?
    • Advice for those who may struggle with this
  • What is on the horizon for you?

Got a question for Bobby or want to reach out to him? Here’s how:

Thanks for sharing some of your time and story with us Bobby!

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