Episode 085 – Fighting the ‘Dad Bod’ with Cam Hall

Cam Hall is a nutrition coach, husband, father of two and he is also the creator of the “Fight the Dad Bod” community; where the goal is to leading dads and families in living fit, healthy, and fulfilled lives!

Cam shares how he had to overcome his battle with an unhealthy relationship with food, which combined with the ups and downs of everyday life (work, family, stress, etc…) lead him to gain over 25 lb.

Episode 085 – Fighting the ‘Dad Bod’ with Cam Hall

  • Tell us a bit about yourself?
  • Fight The Dad Bod
    • How did it get started?
    • What is the mission?
  • Making health a priority for dads
    • Strategies to plan their time so they can do that
  • The reason why diets fail
    • How a nutritional plan differs from a diet
  • The power of PFC Every 3 (Protein, Fats, and Carbs)
    • Blood sugar stabilization – why it is so important
  • Progress over Perfection…the 1% mindset

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A special thanks out to Cam – we really appreciate you coming on the podcast and sharing some awesome content!

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