Episode 086 – Eating Well at Restaurants

The average person eats out approximately five times a week. While restaurant eating is often enjoyable and convenient, the downside is that you give up a certain amount of control over the food you eat (large portions, hidden fats, salt and calories).

Of course, one option is to simply eat out less often. For example, bringing a lunch or snacks to work lets you control what you eat at those times. Assuming that there are times when you want or need to eat out, you can do so healthfully by planning ahead, watching your food budget and making wise choices.

That’s the topic of this episode of the Fit Men Movement podcast. We are going to try and give you some ways that you can make better decisions while dining out that won’t set you back and still allow for enjoyment.

Episode 086 - Eating Well at Restaurants

  • Avoiding The Trap
    • Ways they fool you on the menu
    • Frequency of visits based on Family Lifestyle / Career
    • Pre-planning rest of your days intake
    • Calling Ahead
  • Enjoying yourself
    • Peer Pressure/Will Power
    • Ways to avoid scrutiny from other guests
  • What To look for
    • Focus on protein (lean)
    • Substitutions
  • ½ portions
  • Stick to water
    • Avoid Soda / Sparkling Water alternatives
    • Limit Alcohol

Additional Resource: The Insider’s Guide to Dining Out

Do you have some ideas to help stick to your goals while dining out? Share them in the comments section below!

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