Episode 088 – Why Women Should Lift

Despite this being the Fit “Men” Movement podcast, Matt and I have several women as clients that we work with. And, we have noticed that women have a preconceived notion that weightlifting/strength training will automatically pack on muscle. Fortunately, this could not be further from the truth! Strength training along won’t cut it. Nutrition is, as most of your already know, is the biggest factor when one wants to add muscle to their frame. You would have to consume A LOT of calories; and not just calories…proper calories, in order to look like the women that you see in body building magazine or up on a stage with bulging muscles. The fact is that strength training is one of THE BEST ways for both women AND men to lose body fat and get that “fit” look that so many are looking for.

In this episode of the Fit Men Movement Podcast, we are going to briefly chat about some of the common myths and misconceptions that women have about lifting weights and explain the true benefits that women (and men for that matter…) can experience by incorporating strength training into their workout routines.

Episode 088 – Why Women Should Lift

  • Myths
    • Women Will Bulk Up With Strength Training
    • Spot “Toning”
    • Men and Women should train differently
  • Benefits
    • Develop strong bones
    • Fat Loss
    • Improve posture
    • Get stronger
    • Improve elsewhere
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