Episode 091 – Fit after 40 with Fit Men Movement Member Jerome Hill

Occasionally, you encounter someone who is just doing everything right and their positivity and passion are clearly visible in their actions. Jerome Hill is someone who falls into that category. An incredibly busy guy, with lots of roles and responsibilities from day to day, he still makes health and fitness a priority. Even at the age of 47. Jerome shares his journey with us and provides some insight into how he maintains a balance with everything he juggles.

Episode 091 – Fit after 40 with Fit Men Movement Member Jerome Hill

  • Tell us about yourself
    • who you are, what you do for a living, etc
    • What is your intro to fitness story growing up / early adulthood ?
    • What has been one of your biggest challenges along the way
  • Fitness after 40
    • What has changed in your 40’s
      • Goals
      • Physical / Nutritional
        • BFR Bands – Explain to our listeners the idea behind them and impact they have had on your training
      • Mindset
      • How has it changed
      • Advice for those to stay with it as they hit 40’s and onward
    • Leadership and Passion
      • What does Leadership mean to you, who were/are your leaders in all aspects of life.
      • Your passion is evident in everything you do
      • Can passion be taught?
      • Qualities/Characteristics you value and strive for.

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A special shout out to Jerome – we really grateful to have you as a member of our group!

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