Episode 092 – Why You’re Not Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

At some point in the past we have all said something similar to the following; “I want to lose weight!” or “I need to get in myself shape!”. It is also likely you have taking steps in the right direction to begin that process. After a couple of weeks, you may find yourself in a situation where you just aren’t making the progress you were expecting. You are staying true to the nutrition plan, you’ve been consistent with your workouts, but the progress just isn’t there…So what’s going on here?

While there are a number of factors other than those that Matt and I discuss in this episode, these are some of the most common situations/reasons that we have encountered with people that we work with. It’s also worth noting that in some cases more than one of these may describe what you are experiencing. If that happens to be the case, start by addressing only one factor at a time. While there are some of you that may be able to manage multiple at the same time, taking on a single change will ensure that you don’t get too overwhelmed with trying to juggle several changes at once. This will also allow you to more accurately determine which situation you fall into and when corrected, has the greatest impact on your progress.

Episode 092 – Why You’re Not Reaching Your Health and Fitness Goals

  • Weight Loss
    • You Are Focused Only On The Scale
      • How are you feeling? – more energetic, higher self-confidence
      • How are your clothes fitting?
        • 30 Day Challenge of not stepping on the scale
      • Are you sleeping better?
        • Have you incorporated better sleep habits also
      • How do you look in the mirror?
      • Has anyone commented on the changes?
    • You Aren’t Really Tracking Your Intake
      • Don’t guess – we are awful at estimating
    • Your TDEE Is Not Your TDEE
      • Total Daily Energy Expenditure
    • “Healthy Foods” are over-utilized
      • Too many calorically dense foods
      • Read the label…is it really healthy?
    • A Cheat Meal Turns Into a Cheat Day…Weekend
      • A weekend can kill a week’s effort
    • Constantly following “fad” diets
  • Strength Training
    • You aren’t tracking your reps/weight
      • Progressive overload
    • Sleep is undervalued
      • You don’t grow in the gym…
    • You are dehydrated
      • Also impacts weight loss
    • You never go to failure
    • You skip leg day
      • Catalyst for overall strength gains
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