Episode 093 – Mindset – The Flexible Mirror

Our minds; 100% reliable…98% unpredictable. How many times have you read a quote, had a thought, saw a post on social media and instantly your mind believes that may be impossible for you? At what stage of our lives did we flip from being innocent kids with no cares in the world, to caring about how many followers on Instagram or that bottom line dollar in our bank accounts? Maybe some days, even some weeks it seems like we have it together and we look at the world in a positive light only to have one small setback derail all progress that we made…

How do we overcome this stereotype? It’s not something that will change on its own. Like a muscle, left unworked, it is not going to grow itself. But like that muscle; change is possible. It take work, time, commitment, challenges; but you can flip that script and battle through. In this episode, we are going to chat about how to stay positive, how you can overcome, and how you can sustain a more positive approach to all aspects of your life.
Episode 093 – Mindset - The Flexible Mirror

  • Negative Self-Talk / Positive self talk
    • Thought vs Beliefs
    • Actions v Reality
  • Overcoming
    • How do we change our thinking?
    • Won’t just change overnight
    • Stepping out of comfort zone
    • Personal Development
  • Sustaining
    • Continuing that belief
    • Not thinking it was a fluke
    • Work/Fitness/Family and how they boost each other
  • Staying Motivated
    • How goals can sometime derail us
      • Let down when we reach them
    • Sharing your journey to inspire others
      • Coaching opportunity
      • Personal Development
  • Willpower
    • Inspiration – Motivation – Dedication – Willpower
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