Episode 095 – Mayo Brothers – Cold Weather Calisthenics

One of the coolest things about being involved in the health and fitness community for some period of time, is you realize that there isn’t “one way” to train, there isn’t “one nutrition plan to rule them all”, and there are certain little things that you might not even consider beneficial to your progress or results that you could be doing each and everyday. One of the reasons Matt and I continue to create content here on the Fit Men Movement Podcast is to bring you conversations that you might not otherwise have with individuals where you can learn new things about health and fitness, hear new ways of approaching it, or incorporate some minor tweaks to what you are already doing.

The Mayo brothers are an awesome example of this. John and Brad Mayo are two Canadian brothers who are passionate about functional fitness and living a healthy, adventurous lifestyle. They also happen to have grown up in the same town as my co-host Matt…like literally a couple of houses away. Our main topic of conversation is calisthenics and how John and Brad have leveraged this form of training to improve from a fitness perspective. We also learn how these guys have incorporated cold exposure in a way that only Canadians would appreciate.

Episode 095 – Mayo Brothers - Cold Weather Calisthenics

  • Tell us about yourselves
    • who you are, what you do for a living, etc
    • What is your intro to fitness story growing up / early adulthood ?
  • Explain to our listeners the principles behind Calisthenics
    • Talk a bit about your mission as defined on your site
    • Mindful movement+primal mobility
    • Cold exposure
    • Intermittent fasting
  • What have been some of your biggest challenges along the way?
    • Self care hacks
    • Simple things people can incorporate to their daily routines easily and affordably
  • What’s on the horizon for you guys?
    • Projects, events, etc…

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Thanks for the awesome conversation fellas!

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