Episode 098 – The Equipment Equation

When it comes to choosing fitness equipment, there are a ton of options out there and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to determine where to start. Because we appreciate that everyone’s budget will vary, Matt and I will try to help guide you through some essential equipment at various price points. Breaking it down by price, as opposed to category, seems like the most logical way to go here. We start with the basics, some of which you may already have, and move into some larger, more expensive equipment that may only be on your wish list; feel free to jump around where it makes sense for you.

Episode 098 – The Equipment Equation

  • $20 and under
    • Performance Material Socks/Shirts/Underwear
      • Marshalls/Kohls/Sports Stores
      • Brands we use?
        • Baleaf
    • Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, Yoga Strap
      • Slip/Odor resistant
    • Skipping Rope, sliders,  Lifting straps, Fitness Dice, Ab Wheel
  • $25-100
    • Resistance bands (handles, quality, different levels)
    • Proper Footwear for exercise
      • Runners/Cross Trainers
      • Support for stride, lateral movement,
    • Push Up Stands
      • Round support vs handle only
    • Med balls, stability balls, pull-up bar, agility ladder, foam roller,
    • Traditional dumbbells
      • cost difference / space
  • $100-500
    • Bench
      • Flat, multi position, Leg Handles
      • Solid support
    • Adjustable Dumbbells
    • Quality flooring
  • $500+
    • Rack Stations
    • Bars, plates, dip station,  accessories
    • Cardio Equipment
  • Infomercial gimmicks we have used?
    • Ab lounge , Ab Coaster , Ab Doer , Sauna suits

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