Episode 100 – Celebrating 100 Episodes

We finally made it to the century mark, episode 100! We began this podcast back in 2016 with the intent of just sharing our weekly conversations about health and fitness with the guys that we coach. Since then, we have had numerous topics, amazing guests and a ton of fun along the way. In this episode, we are bringing back one of the original hosts of the podcast, Jared Hamilton. Jared stepped away as host in March of 2018 and a lot has happened in his own life and we spend some time catching up and reminiscing about the early days of podcast.

Episode 100 - Celebrating 100 Episodes

  • Catch up with Jared
    • Living with lyme- no sugar, dairy. Gluten. Booze
  • Top Moments over the 100
  • Bloopers
    • Chris Robot voice
    • Not recording
    • Guest closing after goodbye
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