Episode 102 – Charlie Kimball – Managing Type 1 Diabetes as an Indy Car Driver

Have you ever wondered what it’s like driving 200+ miles per hour, weaving in and out of a few dozen others driving at the same speed and the kind of impact that has on your body? The physical toll and mental focus required to compete in something like the Indianapolis 500? Most of us can’t even endure the stress encountered in our daily commute to and from work everyone.

In this episode, we have the opportunity to hear what it’s like to be in that situation as we chat with professional Indy Car driver Charlie Kimball. Charlie not only breaks down the G-forces on the body and heart-pumping adrenaline that racing brings, but he also discusses his ongoing battle with Type 1 diabetes. Our conversation also includes the details on how it impacts him on race day compared to other drivers and the advances in technology that have made it more manageable.

We love to hear about the world of fitness from different perspectives and this one really gives you appreciation for the sport or racing and just how good the drivers have to be in order to compete.

Episode 102 – Charlie Kimball – Managing Type 1 Diabetes as an Indy Car Driver

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Overview of the Indy Car circuit
  • Racing with Type 1 diabetes
    • Risks?
    • Challenges?
    • Technology involved?
  • What are the physical demands of a typical Indy Car race?
    • Any interesting stats or metrics observed?
  • What does your training schedule look like?
    • Are you working with a specialized trainer?
  • What do you like to do away from the track?
  • Partnerships, charities, foundations?

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Be sure to keep up with Charlie as he continues to compete in the Indy Car circuit and put Type 1 diabetes in the passenger seat.

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