Episode 103 – Member Spotlight – Ed Hawkins

Matt and I really enjoy hosting interviews for this podcast with the men and women who have experience some kind of physical transformation based on shift in their lifestyle and some kind of fitness routine. The stories are without question inspirational and we always learn new information about our guests. That transformation is typically the result of a personal decision that individual has made based on their own appearance or the risk that their current lifestyle or habits has on their own wellbeing.

This week’s episode, we spotlight a Fit Men Movement member who has a slightly different driving force behind his reasons for taking on big life challenges as well as fitness challenges throughout his transformation. Ed Hawkins joins us on the podcast and he shares how he and his family had to combat a Leukemia diagnosis with a child. This life challenge comes in a period in Ed’s life that might have been considered the pinnacle of his fitness career to that point. As you will hear, Ed uses this challenge as an opportunity to take on new challenges of his own.

Episode 103 – Member Spotlight – Ed Hawkins

  • Tell us about yourself – who you are, what you do for a living, etc…
  • What is your fitness story?
    • Was it always a part of your life / routine / family growing up?
    • Where are you now compared to 12 months/ 3 year ago?
  • What has been one of your biggest challenges along the way, physically and mentally ?
    • Any Races / Marathons / Competition
    • Between the ears battles ?
  • Nutrition
    • Do you follow any specific guidelines
    • Top Nutrition Tip
    • Top Nutrition Weakness
      • Does Your side hobby of baking temp you
  • What has it meant to you being a member of the Facebook group?
    • Family, Education, Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability?
    • Would you recommend the Fit Men Movement to others?
  • What are your immediate and long term goals?

Thank you Ed for sharing your story with us and our audience!

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