Episode 104 – How to Change Your Story with Scottie Hobbs

It’s not everyday you have the chance to change someone’s life. Sometimes all it can take is a simple message, an introduction, or coincidental timing that leads yourself down the path to success on any level that you seek. This could health, career, finances, and so many others. We have the privilege to chat with one of the most influential male coaches in the Team Beachbody community.

Scottie Hobbs not only change his own life, but has since provided the tools, path, and belief for so many people who have found their way into his circle. If being one of the top coaches in the company isn’t impressive enough, Scottie recently help the 2019 Beachbody Challenge winner, Chris Pandolofo win the $100,000 grand prize. In this episode, you will hear the story where it all began for Scottie and how he got to where he is today and trust us; it wasn’t easy.
Episode 104 – How to Change Your Story with Scottie Hobbs

  • Your story – Tell us a bit about you;
    • Your “lightbulb moment” when things clicked
    • Your “Why” and how you got started
  • Your Business Story
    • Your “Obsession with counting” blurb on your website
    • What held you back from starting
    • What was the final push to get started
    • Who has made the biggest impact on your business besides yourself
  • Your perspective on being a male coach in a company dominated mainly by women?
  • Your challenger success stories
  • What is on the horizon for you?

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Awesome energy Scottie, thanks for joining us!

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