Episode 105 – Adjusting Your Life with Dr. Jordan Burns

Chiropractic care… For some reason there are a lot of misconceptions and polarizing opinions on this subject compared to many other forms of personal healthcare to treat injuries, pain, or other light ailments.

Why is that? Is it the terminology like “crack” or “snap” when combines with your spine or neck that scare people away? Is that people don’t truly understand the treatment and the relief it can provide? The character and passion behind any practitioner in any field are what truly set wheels in motion for change, progress, and building trust within the patient/doctor relationship.

Dr. Jordan Burns from Indianapolis, joins us on the podcast this week and he embodies these traits and is educating his patients and the public through his eye-catching social media platforms. He explains chiropractic care like no other and helps to clear up some of those myths.

Episode 105 - Adjusting Your Life with Dr. Jordan Burns

  • Tell us a bit about yourself
    • Why chiropractic care?
    • When you aren’t crackin’ backs, what are you doing?
  • How does chiropractic care work?
    • When should someone visit a Chiro?
    • Is it always just a “back issue”?
  • What should I look for when choosing a Chiro?
    • Questions to ask
    • Any red flags?
    • Are there any specific resources?
  • How does working out impact your spine and back?
  • What are your main services and what is their purpose and benefit?
    • What kind of technology is used?
  • Once an individual has visited a chiropractor, are they going to continually require adjustments?
  • Indy Fitness Magazine
    • What is it and how did you get involved?
  • Besides providing awesome chiropractic care to your patients, what’s on the horizon for you?

Got a question for Dr. Burns or want to reach out to him? Here’s how:

Thanks for demystifying the work that you do in chiropractic care Dr. Burns!

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