Episode 106 – Quick Hitting Thoughts To Change Your Life – Part 1

After a good string of guests over the past several episodes, we wanted to start a multi-part series of shorter episodes that focus on “Thoughts that will change your health”. This will include ideas and concepts that we have learned in our own fitness journeys as well as those that we have learned from others along the way.

We all need to sort-of reset and refocus sometimes with everything that is thrown our way. Our goals this new series of episodes will be to help you narrow your focus back down to some of things that have worked for you in the past and some of the things that may have steered you off course.

106 Quick Hitting Thoughts to Change Your Life Part 1

  • You Decide Who You Are or Want to Be
    • Don’t try and fit a mold, decide what’s  important to you
  • You Design Your Life Plan, Not Others
    • The only person who has to live with your choices is you.
    • Don’t settle, find your group.
  • Don’t Let Yesterday Derail Today
    • You’re going to have bad days, frequently.
    • Some tips to turn things around 24 hours later:
      • Chug water before bed
      • Put out workout clothes
      • Alarm other side of the room
      • Pre-workout trick
      • Tell a friend
  • Take a Habit Inventory
    • Take a few minutes to write out all the habits you participate in daily, both good and bad. Once you have an understanding of these then you can decide which to keep and which to purge.
      • Examples: Normal Snack time – Hungry or habit
      • Social Media time : free time or multi task?
      • Meal planning: Winging it or planning it
      • Workout lengths: When do you hit your first wall
      • Download the habit tracker here
  • Set Deadlines
    • What items on your agenda always seem to fall to the wayside. Give yourself deadlines to get that extra push you need to follow through.
  • Teach Others
    • Be relatable to people, no point painting fake picture of success

We will continue this new series of episodes over the next weeks and months!

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