Episode 107 – Quick Hitting Thoughts To Change Your Life – Part 2

This episode Matt and I will continue our conversation on ideas and concepts that we feel can have a profound impact in your life if you given them some focus.

If you didn’t catch Episode 106, I’d encourage you to queue that up. While the topic for these episodes will be similar in nature, it isn’t important that you listen to them in sequential order. Another thing to note…you shouldn’t attempt to take on all of these ideas at once. Instead, pick 1-3 of them that resonate with you and determine a couple of ways that you can incorporate the message in your daily routine. Set up some actionable tasks that will keep you on track as well.

Episode 107 – Quick Hitting Thoughts To Change Your Life – Part 2

  • It’s Normal to Be Uncertain
    • There’s no way to know for sure what it will feel like when you achieve your goals, so uncertainty is completely normal.
  • Make Every Minute Count
    • Whether you add an extra minute to your workout, take one more minute for yourself in the shower or read to your kids for another minute, make every minute count.
  • Don’t Discount Your Own Accomplishments
    • Don’t get in habit of devaluing experience / accomplishments
  • Visualize Your “Rock Bottom”
    • This term was coined to symbolize when you hit your lowest point. Some people need to get there before they will actively make changes to their lives. But knowing the price of not making the changes you desire can have the same outcome. Be honest with yourself about where you will be in five years, five months or even five days if you do not make a change? Once you establish your low point then you can comfortably stray from the habits that will take you there.
  • How to Handle Set-Backs
    • Many things will occur daily that can make you end up right back where you started. Rather than accepting defeat and convincing yourself that you’ll never change. Talk to someone, benefits for a group or partner.
  • Every Action is Under Your Control.
    • The moment you realize that you are responsible for your own actions is the moment you will realize how empowered you are. Every action you take brings you closer or further from your goals.

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