Episode 094 – The top 5 things people struggle with when trying to get fit

Because sometimes we all just get stuck! Personal experience, combined with our work with several clients over the years has shown a pretty common trend that show you may not be as fit as you want, but that may only require a small change. We will discuss the five main things that we see people struggle with in this episode. Some of these you may have already experienced or may hit you in the coming weeks, months or years, depending on what stage you are in your life/fitness journey. There are many of us who can also attest that we have encountered each and every one of these.

Today we will tackle each of these areas and hopefully provide some takeaway tips for you to take that next step forward.
Episode 95 - Top 5 Things

  • Changing Your Environment
    • Food
    • Sleep
    • Soreness
  • Life Events
    • Kids
    • Celebrations
    • Death
    • Illness
    • Job Changes
  • Plateaus
    • Effort is there, but not the results
    • Not just about the numbers
    • Time spent vs Days spent (20 min x 6 days vs. 4 days at 45 mins)
  • Motivation
    • “The grind…”
    • Boring – Fitness Attention Deficit Disorder
    • Healthy habits becoming a chore
  • Injuries
    • Working out
    • Waiting too long or not being properly diagnosed
    • Nutrition
  • Bonus: Striving for Perfection
    • 80-90%
    • Accountability
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