Solo Segments – Episode 004 – Good Nutrition – Part 3

What is “Good Nutrition”?

This is the 3rd and final part in a series that will detail the components of a good nutrition plan. Today we are going to focus on a couple of key topics; Honesty, Outcome-based, and Sustainability

  • Recap Part 1 and Part 2
  • Today’s Topic – Honesty, Outcome-based, and Sustainability
  • Honest and Outcome-based
    • Are you really making progress?
    • Good plan, poor execution
    • Perception vs reality
      • Study on actual intake vs perceived
    • Good nutrition equals results
  • Sustainable
    • 5-6 years, not 5-6 weeks
    • Fad or gimmick diets don’t work
      • Short term results
        • Extremely Low Calorie
        • Low/No Carb
        • HCG
      • Vicious cycle
      • Common theme – caloric deficit
    • Environmental impact
      • Waste or over consumption
  • Invite to Nutrition Coaching
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    • You will discover what specific nutrition plan is best for you and why some diets in the past have actually failed from the beginning.
    • This serves everyone and anyone no matter if they want to lose fat mass, gain lean mass, perform better in athletics or look better naked!
    • These are proven strategies that have helped people lose more weight than every season of the biggest loser combined and perform better in the top forums worldwide from the Olympics to professional sports.
    • It is not a fad diet…. It is not a one-size fit all… THIS IS A LIFESTYLE!

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